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Company Profile

Years in Business: Our Company has been established and started active sportswear production in 1993 and continued to act in this field.
Sales Percentage By Market:90% Europe, 10% Local
Sales Percentage By Product:40% Running and cycling garments 


  • 10% Sports jackets 
  • 15% Swimming short 
  • 10% Trousers 
  • 10% T-shirt 
  • 10% Others 
  • 5% Training suit

Current Costumer:Major sportswear brands
Types of Fabrication:AIII; knitt, warp knitt and woven fabrics, 100% Polyester or with Elastan, 100% Nylon or with Elastan mix of synthetic yarns technical fabric
Weight range:From 40 gr/m2 to 380 gr/m2
Types of Fabrication:Our firm is producing polyester woven and knitted products. These products are running and cycling garments like tights, sprinters, jerseys and singlet sportswear garments like jackets, t-shirts, pants and shorts.
Production Lead-Time:120 days for imported. 90 days for local fabrics.
Minimums (per color):300 pcs

Number of Employees:

  • 33 people on management part
  • 15 people on cutting part
  • 40 people on quality control part
  • 400 people on sewing part
  • 15 people on others

Printing: There are two sublimation transfer. Laser cut and laser prints sublimation digital print.
Cutting: Fabrics are checked on automated machine if there is no problem, fabrics are taken into production plan and cutting is done by automatic spreading machine and fully computerised cutter.
Embroidery: Barodan, Paff, Zezeka, Tajima with 12 heads.
Sewing: 50% of our capacity is produced in our unit. The rest of the production is done by subscontractors belong to us. Recently we made investments on bounded seem and we do bounded seem graments through ultrasonic, hot air and laser systems.

Monthly Capacity:

  • All kinds of t-shirts 200.000 pcs/month 
  • Sport Jackets 45.000 pcs/month 
  • Pants and tights 180.000 pcs/month 
  • Shorts 250.000 pcs/month

Quality Control System: At sewing part all garments are subjected to first control and cleaned from their yarns. Later, main control is done at the quality control system. Second qualities are seperated and first qualities are sent to ironing part. The ironed garments are subjected to last control. Then they are pacgaged and shipped.
Lab's: Washing and shrinkadge tests are applied to all fabrics and accessoires in our company. Later when the products are sewed the garment test is subjected to each of them.